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Rhonda M Lawrence, MA, MFT
Clinical Program Manager II

Northern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Child and Family Services/Northern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services

2655 Enterprise Road, Reno, NV 89512

T: (775) 688-2421     rlawrence@dcfs.nv.govwww.dhhs.nv.gov

Rhonda Lawrence LMFT

Rhonda M Lawrence, MA, Marriage and Family Therapist (California license) is the Clinical Program Manager II of  Children’s Mental Health Services at Northern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services supporting the psychotherapy and psychiatric medication management programs for families with children/youth 0-17 years in Reno, Nevada (within the State of Nevada, Division of Child and Family Services) since February 2017.  A native Nevadan born and raised in Fallon, Rhonda returned from the Bay Area of California where she received extensive training and experience within child and family community mental health systems.  Rhonda was also an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco within the Counseling Psychology program – helping to develop the next generation of the mental health workforce.    

Since Rhonda’s return to home in Nevada, she has become an active participant in many efforts to transform and expand access to children’s mental health services statewide to include Nevada’s rural counties.  Rooted in understanding the experiences of children, youth and families who seek and access mental health services in our community, Rhonda is seeking to improve quality of mental health treatment by implementing evidence-based practices in early childhood mental health as well as refocusing mental health practice for older children and adolescents in relationship and family-centered practice.

Another important focus of Rhonda’s commitment to improving the outcomes of Nevada’s children and families is a dedication to the training and education of early childhood educators/professionals, developmental specialists, and program leaders and directors.  Rhonda’s training and education focus is to help create and develop more compassion and understanding of the effects of childhood adversity, trauma and toxic stress on the growth and development of young children and to teach parents, caregivers, educators, and programs how to best respond in a truly “trauma-informed” manner.

Finally, after many years within community mental health (both adult and child/family programs) and most importantly, Rhonda’s years of lived experience as the wife and partner of her husband who is living with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, Rhonda felt compelled to develop this “Mental Health Ethical Practice:  A Person-Centered Approach”.

This will be the third consecutive year that Rhonda will be delivering this Ethics training.  And as always,  participants can expect a thoughtful, sensitive, thought-provoking and experiential training on the ethical concerns of providing mental health treatment in a strengths-based manner beyond the “medical model” that we are all working so hard to transcend.