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Questions to Ask Your MD, Pharmacists, RN

1. Do you have my medication history? –should include current  medications, vitamins, supplements and over-the –counter remedies, herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. The MD, RN, Pharmacist should know about existing conditions, allergies, and whether you’ve had a bad reaction to certain medications.

2. What benefit might I receive from this medication?

3. When and how do I take each medication?

4. How long before I should start to notice an effect from this medication?

5. Possible side effects to be aware of?

6. If I experience side effects, what should I do?

7. If I have concerns about medication, who can I talk to?

8. How long should my trial period on this medication last?

9. Do I need to do labs for 1 or more of the medications?

10. Do I stop the medication when feeling better?

11. Do I take it before, during or after meals?

12. Does 3 times a day mean during waking hours or over 24 hrs?

13. Can it be crushed instead of taken whole?

14. Are there medications, foods, beverages, and activities to avoid?

15. Will anything I’m now taking interact with this medication?

16. What if I miss a dose?...or take too much?

17. Can my special needs be addressed? [large print, someone read to me or my family, or ____?____]

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