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The Partner Betrayal Trauma book validates the voices of partners experiencing sex addiction, infidelity, and intimacy anorexia—partner betrayal trauma is absolutely real.

Dr Doug Weiss (right) has been working with partner betrayal trauma for over 30 years. This book looks at betrayal as something that partners of sex addicts, infidelity survivors, and spouses of intimacy anorexics will need to address. 

This book is based upon research (not whims, theories, or biases from other theories). In 2018, we conducted a research study of 154 women who have experienced betrayal trauma. These women were asked to complete a 2-hour questionnaire with valid measures to assess the Partner Betrayal Model. Interestingly, regardless of the trauma they came through (infidelity, sex addiction, or intimacy anorexia), there were no statistically significant differences in the study. Therefore, the study reveals the outcome wasn’t about what happened to the partner, but who did it. The husband or significant other betrayed her and that is what causes trauma.

As women work through the betrayal and embark on the journey of partner recovery, they can be the amazing person they were meant to be. I have seen thousands of women heal and become stronger as a result of this process. This book is dedicated to your courageous journey.