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Mental Health Peer Connections

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to join the network. AZOVA charges a small technology fee of $6 per client booking through the marketplace.  If you want to use AZOVA in your own practice, there is an option with no technology fees available at a very reasonable cost.

If you have questions or would like assistance in onboarding to the marketplace, please call


Onboard Your Practice Here

Join the Free Digital Network: https://insightbhn.azova.com/onboarding/signup
If you have more than one provider in your practice, the practice owner should onboard first as the admin for your account. You will then add the email address of each additional provider to invite them to connect to your practice in the network.
Note: You will need the following information to complete your onboarding:

1. Your NPI number
2. Your state license numbers and expiration dates.  
Note: If you hold numerous licenses, please add all of them. Patients can book an eVisit with you if you hold a license in the state where the patient is physically present at the time of the eVisit.
3. Your DEA number (if you have one).
4. The email address of all providers in your organization.
5. Your ACH information. This will be used to transmit any payments collected from payments to you. The payments will be distributed to the business ACH account.

The Insight Digital Behavioral Health Network will be available on our website where patients can self-book an eVisit or office visit with you. You will be notified via email and SMS any time a patient books an appointment.  We will provide the digital network to all of our current and future payers to enable them to also drive their patients to book e-Visits and office visits with any provider in the network. 

Step 2
Respond over video, telephone or via secure messaging. Document the visit on your phone, tablet or computer while talking to the patient (or without talking to the patient).

You can now join our Digital Provider Network and receive a free telehealth clinic and online booking system.

Insight has partnered with AZOVA to create this system. Together we will build your online practice and we will bring new contracts to the network.  Our digital provider network is the newest way to provide an up to date directory to our payer clients and will be provided to our clients to drive patients to your practice. Patients can search your listing and book an e-Visit or an office visit right from the network system.

You can complete your eVisits online in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Receive SMS, email or push notifications on your computer or smart device to notify you of a new appointment. Log in and review the patient’s intake data and demographics.

Step 3
Send any necessary prescriptions and assign any care management tasks to your staff members. Click update to send your treatment plan and you’re done. When a patient books an office visit, you can schedule them in your system as you currently do.

Introducing the Insight Behavioral Health Network (IBHN) Digital Provider Network

As the world moves into a post-COVID environment, patient demand for e-Visits will grow. To fill this need, we have partnered with the AZOVA Digital Health Network to help you deliver an incredible patient experience through our own Digital Provider Network.