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Private Practice Groups
Women’s Process Group, co-facilitated by Sandra Poupeney, LCSW, LADC, and Megan Keller, MFT, LCADC. Contact Sandy at 775-337-6940. 
Women’s Process Group, co-facilitated by Debra Richied, PhD and Laurie Drucker, PhD, call Debra at 775-853-1314.

Transgender and Non-Binary Support Groups. Contact Tory Clark, PhD, MFT Intern: at 775-843-9593.
Gender Fluid Adolescent Group. Brinn Wallace, MFT Intern (almost finished with internship), CADC-Intern, and Sabrina Lupo, MFT Intern, Contact Brinn at 775-813-3224 or Sabrina at 775-720-4011.
Substance Abuse and Mindfulness Groupsat Sage Healing Arts (JJ Lee, LADC): . Contact J J Lee at 775-335-5625.

Groups at Agencies:   topics in green
Northern Nevada HOPES, Groups for Substance Use Issues and Transgender and Non-Binary. Call 775-786-4673.
Presence Therapy, located at Midtown Mindfulness, Angier Charter Smith, LCSW, Director:
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Groups, Contact Shelly Kuzma at 775-420-3519.
Our Center: “Partners and Spouses of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender People” and “Coming Out Later in Life,” no fee. Facilitators Mary Minten, MFT, LCADC, and Chris Dietrich, MFT Intern, no fee, Facilitators Mary Minten, MFT, LCADC, and Chris Dietrich, MFT Intern. Call Mary Minten at 775-329-4582.
Quest Counseling,
Groups for Adults and Adolescents with Substance Use, Re-Entry clients, Support Group for Parents of Adult Children with Substance Use, Anger and Adolescence Group. Call 775-786-6880.
Sequel Alliance, David Jones, MFT, Clinical Director: Groups for Children with Behavioral Issues, Groups for Anger Management. Call 775-337-2394.
True North, Dave Briggs, LCSW, Director:
Groups on Social Skills, DBT, Adolescent and Adult Substance Abuse Groups. Call Jen Briggs at 775-870-5027.

If you would like your group listed, please email Joy at or call her at 775-842-5669

Recent comments about Sandra Poupeney, LCSW, LADC and Elizabeth Dear, MFT, LCADC presentation on The Art of Group Facilitation at the MFT Peer Connections workshop:

"They were awesome together!"

"This motivates me to start a group!"

"This information was very practical, and something that I will apply immediately in my work."

"They have so much experience and they're right here in Reno. Thanks for putting on this workshop!"

"The examples and videos they used were really helpful in understanding the concepts."

"Keep these workshops coming!"

"I was able to learn quite a bit about the facilitation process and what I need to bring to the table."

"Their presentation really gave me a structure to use so that everyone's ideas are heard in a group."

Anonymous  quotes are from evaluations received at the workshop.

Thank you contributors!

List courtesy of Elizabeth Dear and Sandra Poupeney May, 2017

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