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the perspectives and skills

that lead

to living an

authentic life

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THERE'S SOMETHING about Tom Lavin that makes you want to know more about him. His genuine love for his profession comes through, the moment you begin talking to him. We want to introduce Tom to you, and have him share about the things that have influenced his career and thought processes, and the lessons he has learned through his own relationships. We were lucky enough to have Tom answer some of our questions, and we're sharing them with you!


Tom Lavin

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What lessons have you learned from your relationships? 

 The person who has msot significantly influenced  my life experience and life perspective is my wife, Glenda. Our 43 year maturing relationship of loving and beling loved is profound, and,  being a father of our two children, Rachel and John. I've learned from Glenda and the kids about warmth, commitment, respect, forgiveness and making amends, courage and joy. Relationship values that I've learned from my parents is best summaried by the story of the Good Samaritan: being grateful...

Left: Glenda and Tom at the Washoe Artists Co-Op in front of plein air paintings that Glenda creates when they are out on field trips.

What makes therapy effective? 

 The research on effective therapy shows that a caring, trusting, therapeutic relationship is essential to efficacious therapy:  patients feel cared about, listened to, acknowledged, validated and offered hope.  Our personal experience in relationships (and the work we've done to heal or improve our ability to relate) effects our ability to form therapeutic relationships...which then effects the quality and efficacy of therapy.


Tom Lavin

Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Clinical Faculty, UNR School of Medicine,

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

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