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Mental Health Peer Connections

CAS 712

CAS 712:  The Neuroscience of Addiction is starting this Spring!

Dr. Stephanie Woodard is a Psy, D. who works with the State and was trained at Stanford will be teaching the class.  Some of the topics being taught are:  

1) providing a module on working in an interprofessional team (graduate classes in nursing and social work on a case study integrated here) on the opioid issue. 

2) providing field interplay in order that students are introduced to local teams and services in the community.

3) addressing the psychopharmacology issues where many of our clients are needing help and wise counsel.

This is an exceptional class being offered face-to-face on Tuesdays from 1-3:45 (this time does not interfere with Dr. Holt's CEP 642b class). 

This is great for students who have already taken the minor as an undergraduate student!