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Their passions are their animals. They have four dogs most of which are adopted, and they are currently working on saving more animals. They open their home to rescues or fosters when natural disasters hit. 

Sam & his fiancée Nichole with their dog

Q:  Can you speak to being effective as a therapist?

What does Sam do for fun?

"anything outdoors!






working out"

Sam Hunt MFT Intern

​​The focus of my practice is the LGBTQ community and Veterans, but I do see a variety of clients. I also work with addictions and court ordered therapy. I have background in anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders and life transitions. I see clients as young as 3 and my oldest client has been 84. I write letters for gender confirming surgery and hormone replacement for the LGBTQ community. I truly care about the LGBTQ community and I am always looking for ways to help. I run a gender expressions psychotherapy group. This group helps to bring together the community and explore common issues with comfort and safety in mind. 

Q:  What was your upbringing like? 

When you get to know Sam,

you realize he has a great sense of humor.

He's fun loving as well as serious about his work.

Here are some fun pics!

Therapy is effective because of the relationship you build in the room between client and therapist. You learn to trust one another and find a sense of belonging. Each relationship is unique because no one person is the same. Bravery, courage and strength is discovered, and a new version of our selves emerges. Therapy is different for each person. To make therapy effective, it is knowing that we are all different and we can all learn from each other. 

February 2019

Thanks for talking with us. Sam, please tell us about your private practice.

​                       Nichole and Sam being goofy                                                           They LOVE their dogs!                                                            Sam in his National Guard uniform

One of Sam's

favorite quotes

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“A champion is one

who gets up

when they can’t.”

Jack Dempsey 

Maybe we can take lessons about self care from Sam!

Several  relationships growing up had an great impact on my life.  I grew up here in Reno Nevada where I lived mostly with my Mom. She was a single parent raising three children. At the age of 7 my older sister passed away. This made a huge impact in the trajectory of my life. My Mom raised her three children and I went from being the youngest to the oldest. My brother left for the Army soon after and that left me to take care of the young ones. I learned early on that I was to take care of myself and ultimately raise my sister’s children. My mom suffered and continues to suffer from depression while my father battled to stay sober. I learned valuable lessons early on in life. I had to grow up quickly and I am a stronger person for the triumphs that life gave me early on. I worked hard and received scholarships in two sports to the University of Nevada. I joined the military in 2009 and I am currently still serving in the Army National Guard.

My most important relationship in my life is my current relationship with my fiancé Nichole. She has been the most influential person in my life. She has been supportive and has given me a new meaning to love. 

What have been other influences in your career? 

"A huge influence in my career as a therapist has been my supervisor Mary Minten. She has done

amazing work with the LGBTQ community and has taught me some amazing things. She has taught me to be kind, empathetic, and most importantly genuine. She has encouraged me to take leaps and bounds with my comfort and I have grown tremendously since meeting her. She has enforced my passion to help others and to continue to value my own personal goals and needs. "

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