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My greatest joy in life is my family; I have a wonderful husband and (3) grown children. Jim, my husband of (10) years recently retired from a long career in hospitality and gaming.  He now works with us at LifeQuest and deals with all things non-clinical. My oldest, Tea moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, Go Huskies! She now works as a nurse at the UW Medical Center. My middle child, Michael, attended the University of Utah and now lives in the LA area. He is currently working for a start up and is Vice President of software development.  My youngest, Aaron, is completing his freshman year at UNR, thoroughly enjoying the college experience. We look forward to him earning his degree in mechanical engineering. 

​Although, originally from the Bay Area, I identify as a Nevadan as well. My mother’s family were early settlers in south central rural Nevada. My father’s family were restaurateurs in the 1950’s in Reno. My parents attended UNR where they met and then married. As a child, my family spent a great deal of time in the Reno/Tahoe area skiing, hiking, camping, and boating. I continue to enjoy these activities, but now with my husband and children; snow skiing being a family favorite. Other activities I enjoy are travel, working out, reading, and practicing daily meditation. However, my happiest and most memorable moments are those spent with friends and family.

Q:  We would really enjoy hearing about your family. Are they all in Reno?  

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March-April 2019

Kimberly Brookman, MFT

Jim Roets (Kimberly's husband) and Kimberly

​on vacation in Amsterdam September 2018

My day to day role at Lifequest is both Clinical Director and Therapist. As the Clinical Director I work with the interns within our group helping them apply their educational training within a clinical environment.  I am also completing the process of becoming an approved AAMFT supervisor and hope to complete my hours in May. Mentoring interns and working with my clients brings me the greatest sense of satisfaction. I enjoy working with families, couples and individuals between the ages of 15 to 80 and see both agency and private clients. The primary issues I deal with in my practice are depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, parenting, and life transitions. I feel passionate about my work and grateful for the opportunity to work with such dedicated, professional colleagues. 



Jim Roets (Kimberly's husband), Kimberly, Aaron, Michael, and Tea (their children) 

​​​​Working with my husband, and collaborating with life long friends (now business partners), we formed Lifequest Behavioral Health Care in Las Vegas and later expanded to Reno and Elko. Our objective is to provide personalized quality care for our clients, while adhering to the highest ethical standards. We pride ourselves in serving a diverse client demographic, from pre-school age children to seniors. Our therapists are as diverse as our clients, each with their own personal therapeutic approach and training, allowing us to find the best fit for both client and therapist.

She also enjoys doing almost anything that involves physical activity, biking, working out, hiking, skiing.

She reads or listens to books on tape.

Q:  Being an owner as well as a therapist must be challenging. How do you describe your role?  

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be

felt with the heart.  

Helen Keller 

 “The secret of life isn’t what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.”   Norman Vincent Peale  

We found out Kimberly has ran 15 marathons!  Here's to her tenacity!

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Thanks for talking with us, Kimberly. I know you're co-owner of Life Quest Behavioral Health Care. Tell us about your agency.