In 2015 I was introduced to Mental Health Peer Connections. After attending my first training, I realized it was an excellent venue for getting connected and obtaining educational advances at the same time.  In 2016, with my internship nearing the end, I was asked to join the MHPC leadership team. Becoming a part of a team that provides a supportive, encouraging, and educational environment for peers, is a blessing. 

My greatest passion is to help people find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships. My journey includes a BA in Psychology/AA in Criminal Justice from UNR and MS from University of Phoenix. Prior to taking the leap of becoming an MFT, I traveled the road of working with the juvenile justice system and of teaching in the educational system.  In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors, working out, and gaining knowledge to help propel my MFT career forward.  I am fortunate to have a career doing what I love.

Juli  Baines, MFT, EMDR


Professional Development

Meet the team that works for you!

Mental Health Peer Connections is a private non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing resources and educational workshops to mental health professionals in Nevada.

Advocating for excellence in mental health care.

Mental health professionals include, marriage and family therapists, clinical professional counselors,

drug, and alcohol and gambling counselors, social workers.

 In 2014, I started meeting with MFT students, interns, and licensed professionals, for the purpose of networking and finding a supportive environment. Since then, the small group has grown into a non profit, which I started in 2016. I volunteer my time and effort to this endeavor.  The mission of Mental Health Peer Connections is provide educational workshops and resources to marriage and family professionals in the Northern Nevada area. We advocate for best practices and quality care in the mental health field.  Through this organization, you will be informed about the wonderful MFT services that are being offered in Nevada by your peers. Our CEU educational programming  will give you an opportunity to challenge your mind, and keep you informed. 

I opened the Center for Therapy & Mediationin 2017, which is a Center that houses a group of independent, private practice clinicians who offer a variety of mental health services to clients.  Over 18 clinicians are housed at the Center: I also offer interns who are interested in starting a private practice a place to start and use my experience in the business world to offer interns guidance in starting their own business. Intern supervision is also available.

As for me, I grew up in Mexico for the first 20 years of my life. I spent many years in the occupational safety  health field, until I switched gears to follow the tugs of my heart.  I am a MFT, and am doing exactly what I love to do!

Joy  Quanrud Grimsley, 



Executive Director

A non profit organization, dedicated to providing resources and educational workshops to mental health professionals in nevada.



Mental Health Peer Connections