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Alta Vista Mental Health

1201 Terminal Way, Suite 217, Reno NV 89502

Position:    Clinical Supervisor/ Therapist
Salary $80-90,000
The Clinical Supervisor (CS) serves a vital role within the agency and requires an intimate knowledge of best treatment practices and must assure that the mental and/or behavioral health interpersonal and problem-solving skills is a must. 

This position also carries a small caseload of mental health and substance abuse treatment to individuals with qualifying conditions. 

This position requires a physical in-office presence including regular site-visits to our satellite locations.  This position will also interact and coordinate with various departments to ensure that clinical operations are running efficiently and smoothly.

The Clinical Supervisor will guide a team of clinicians to assess clients’ mental health & substance abuse issues, develop suitable treatments, and oversee treatment offered within the clinic. The CS will select, train, evaluate, discipline, and motivate staff.  The CS will always also ensure quality of clinical documentation and ensure that services provided are medically necessary and clinically appropriate. 

To be successful in this role one will need to display strong leadership and make prudent decisions to maintain practitioners who can adequately fulfill clients’ treatment needs. Top candidates will be organized, knowledgeable and excellent communicators. 

Specific Job Duties:

Managerial Supervision is focused on the functioning workload within the team and maintaining clarity about roles, responsibilities, and accountability. Managerial Supervision is a collaborative process between the employee, Manager(s), and Director(s). It is task and policy oriented with a formal service-led agenda. It is a planned process ensuring that tasks are carried out to a satisfactory and safe standard in line with organizational principles, practices, and objectives.  This will take place in conjunction with employee performance evaluations and regular development of professionals.   

Managerial Supervision Examples:

Develop and maintain an ongoing professional atmosphere that demonstrates the aim for clinical excellence for our clients and personal/career growth the rest of the team. 
Identify and conduct training of staff with documentation for the annual team training needs analysis.
Monitor provider caseloads including discharges, transfers, intakes, no-shows, etc.
Review timesheets for appropriate use of time and resources by each provider. 
Monitor provider schedules, availability, special assignments, annual leave, and the on-call schedule.
Ensure compliance for all provider documentation including timely completion, quality, and the relevance for ongoing treatment.   
Maintain productivity with each provider to ensure they are meeting their employment expectations or other goals.
Ensure all clinical interns have a viable Clinical Supervisor and that all board paperwork is up-to-date and oversee the ongoing clinical supervisor documentation.  Verification and 2nd signature on clinical intern treatment documentation. 
Complete yearly performance evaluations; Document performance and disciplinary actions for appropriate evaluation.
Conduct regular meetings with the team to ensure clinical quality and address needs of the clinical department.   
Identify and develop policy needs to uphold the safety and integrity of the agency and its clients.  Uphold all legal and moral obligations of healthcare providers. 
Ensure professional and appropriate communications by our team when addressing outside parties and other agencies.  Review records requests for appropriateness.
Other duties as assigned.
Client Caseload
This position is required to carry a small caseload of clients in active treatment.  This function ensures that the Clinical Supervisor has a strong understanding of our agency’s systems, protocols, and procedures.        

Client Caseload Examples:
Perform intake assessments and evaluation of individuals with primary mental health, alcohol and drug problems, and individuals with co-occurring disorders.
Formulate treatment plans that integrate mental health and substance abuse treatment models in collaboration with individuals served.
Coordinate care with other providers including but not limited to, case managers, primary care providers, probation, and the courts.
Complete reports as needed that inform the Court and Probation of progress and treatment challenges.
Maintain an awareness of mental health and alcohol and drug counseling methodologies.
Provide crisis intervention and assessment for individuals with primary mental health diagnosis and individuals with co-occurring disorders.
Prepare case histories and maintain patient records.
Make referrals to appropriate professionals or outside agencies.
Participate in the assessment of client needs and consults with others in developing therapeutic goals and objectives.
Attend training conferences relevant to current mental health alcohol and drug and co-occurring disorders.
Participate in the emergency “on-call” system on a rotating basis.
Operate a personal computer and effectively utilizes an electronic health records system.
Develop and maintain confidence and cooperation of individuals with mental health and substance abuse/dependency and their families.
Prepare clear, relevant, and accurate reports.  Document services provided within 24 hours of delivery.
On occasion may conduct recovery services (BST, PSR), case management, and completes related work as required.
Analyze case information and reach sound diagnostic and treatment decisions.
Perform skilled counseling.
Maintain composure and awareness during crisis interventions.
Provide psychoeducational and therapy groups to clients.
Understand State and Federal laws regarding privacy, confidentiality, and security.
Services as a trainer/mentor for peers, subordinates, and related professions.
Available for staff clinical consults.
Additional Ability to:
Perform a variety of mental health/behavioral health therapeutic services, client assessments, and client counseling.
Interpret and apply complex mental health and alcohol and drug program rules, regulations, and policies.  Provide clinical feedback for program development when applicable. 
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, other agencies, and the public.
Have a working knowledge of basic computer and/or smartphone functions and programs such as Microsoft products, Electronic Medical Records, Email, etc.
Ability to proactively collaborate with other departments, supervisors, and program directors to ensure the best possible training for supervisees and service delivery for clients.
Perform community outreach and education assignments.
Efficiency and time management.
Excellent interpersonal, communication and writing skills.

Education, Training, and Minimum Qualifications:
Possession of a master's degree in an approved human related field. Possession of an active State of Nevada license, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), or Clinical Professional Counselor (CPC) issued by the appropriate State of NV board.  Have at least 5 years’ experience working in the behavioral health field. Supervisory experience required.

Special Requirements:
Must possess a valid driver’s license at time of application and a valid Nevada Driver’s License by the time of appointment. The valid Nevada Driver’s License must be maintained throughout employment.
Must possess a valid CPR card throughout employment.
Must possess a valid TB test upon employment.
It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain appropriate CEU’s required annually for their licensure. 

Salary: $ 80,000- $90,000/ yr

Medical (HMO or PPO available)
Paid Holidays
Paid Vacation Time
Yearly CEU reimbursement funds

Send Resumes or questions to: cwhite@altavistamh.com