A non profit organization, dedicated to providing resources and educational workshops to mental health professionals in nevada.



Mental Health Peer Connections

All the funds that were generated from our educational programs throughout the years, will be returned to our community by means of therapy scholarships.

Nevada licensed mental health clinicians and interns are eligible to apply for a scholarship of up to $400 per clinician. Scholarship funds may be used for client session reimbursements at $100 per session.  

We hope that this return on your investment in MHPC will help you
continue the great healing work you do with your clients.

Thank you for your support!
Joy Quanrud Grimsley LMFT, Executive Director
Juli Baines, LMFT, Director, Professional Development

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Juli Baines, LMFT has partnered with me in this endeavor for the last few years, and I want to thank her for her dedication and hard work. She quickly caught the MHPC vision, joined me in the capacity of Educational Development Director. We both have volunteered our time and energy to the MHPC cause.

We have decided that MHPC will come to a close, so that Juli and I can dedicate our time to our private practices and other new endeavors. It is with 'melancholy' that we say goodbye, but we are very excited about how we are closing the curtains. Please read on...

Therapy Scholarships

Joy Quanrud Grimsley LMFT

Executive Director

Juli Baines, LMFT


​Professional Development

We're saying goodbye....

and giving back to our community!

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Over the last seven years, Mental Health Peer Connections (MHPC) has had the pleasure of providing resources and educational programming to mental health clinicians in Nevada. We have advocated for excellence in mental health care.

In 2014, our meetings were simply 2-3 people having coffee and talking about the work we loved. Thanks to Colleen Shaver, LMFT, who partnered with me to create great programming events on a shoe-string.  We appreciate all of our presenters, who initially accepted our invitation to speak, in spite of the fact they only received a $25 thank you gift card.  Fortunately, we grew to offer better speaker fees!  

A few years ago, we formed a non-profit organization, and most recently had reached an audience of over 2000 mental health clinicians. Our audience was comprised of LMFTs, LCPCs, Social Workers, and Drug and Alcohol Counselors, and we promoted the concept of integrating the different fields of mental health into one cohesive group. Thank you for attending our educational CEU workshops!

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